A new crop of Carver Hill peaches is here! The end of the season is upon us. Come in now before the peaches are gone until next summer…

Fall mums are in!

Native MacIntosh and Cortland apples are here, with more varieties coming soon.

Click to Harvest is a local farm to table food and grocery delivery service, in the Greater Boston area. They deliver Chip-in Farm eggs, along with other area farms products. Check out their website for all the details.

Beef from cows raised at Chip-in Farm is available again. We have many different types of steaks, along with hamburg patties, and ground beef. All sold frozen.

Did you know we make fruit baskets to order? With a mixture of fruit, cookies, crackers, and other goodies, fruit baskets are made to order and make great gifts! Call to order yours today!

Hand Cream made with beeswax by beekeeper Birgit DeWeerd, is perfect for dry hands.

Freehand Cards – Original, hand drawn greeting cards by Betsi Mandrioli of West Concord.

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