Local Eggs

Come find out what a really fresh egg tastes like! We sell fresh eggs from chickens we raise on our farm. We collect, wash, and grade the eggs daily, all by hand. The eggs are ready for sale in our store the day after being laid. We sell Medium, Large, Extra Large and Jumbo eggs every day.

You can also find our eggs at:

  • Russo’s in Watertown
  • Formaggio Kitchen, Cambridge and Boston
  • Cucurbit Farm, Acton
  • Capone Foods
  • Jones Farm, Chelmsford
  • Verrill Farm, Concord
  • Marshall Farm, Concord
  • Carver Hill, Stow


18 thoughts on “Local Eggs

    1. chipinfarm Post author

      The feed for our chickens is not organic so our eggs are not organic. If you are still interested, please call the store for prices at 781-275-2545.

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  2. Glenna Boland

    Referred by Trader Joe’s employee…”best eggs in the world!”.
    I live in Westwood, MA. Do any of your eggs make it to seller
    nearer to my home?
    Thank you, Glenna Boland

  3. David

    My family and are are looking for a local farm that sells Fertilized eggs to hatch and raise . Is this something that your farm does ? BTW I love your farm and website.

    1. chipinfarm Post author

      Hi David. Glad you like our farm. Sorry, we do not sell fertilized eggs. Last we knew, Codman Farm in Lincoln, MA was doing it. You should be able to google them. Good luck!

  4. Mallorie

    Hi there, do you guys sell duck eggs to eat? I was just curious because my dog has bad allergies to proteins and she tolerates duck meat so I figured adding some duck eggs to her diet would be good (she can’t tolerate chicken eggs) please let me know thanks -Mallorie


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