Petting Zoo

Come visit our free petting zoo! You can find goats, sheep, pigs, cows, bunnies, and chickens. Come in to the store and ask for some free food to feed the animals.

During the winter months, we try to keep the petting zoo open but falling snow and large icicles sometimes prevent the zoo from being open. Please feel free to call ahead to find out if the zoo is open, 781-275-2545


16 thoughts on “Petting Zoo

    1. chipinfarm Post author

      The petting zoo is open during the winter months! The only time it will be closed is if we have ice/snow melt over the doorway into the zoo, making it unsafe to enter. Always feel free to call us at 781-275-2545 if you’d like to make sure the petting zoo is open before traveling over.

  1. Sreejith

    I called up the above number and no reply…Planning to visit there tomorrow 01/04 …Do you carry Chicken as well.?

    1. chipinfarm Post author

      If we are busy with customers, we sometimes are unable to answer the phone. Please feel free to leave a message and we can return your call, or try again at a later time. We do carry fresh chicken from Freebird Chicken of Pennsylvania.

    1. chipinfarm Post author

      There is a 4H program run at the farm. If you are interested, please contact Farmer Sandy at 339-222-2555 for more information on how to get involved.

  2. Rob

    My girlfriend loves Goats and loves to pet them. We are planning to come to the petting zoo on Saturday afternoon (7/16/2016). We would also love to grab some food things from the store and have a picnic after we pet all the goats.
    2) Is there any where on the farm where we could have our picnic or should we grab stuff and then find else where to picnic
    3) Any location you would recommend in the area for us to have our picnic, if your farm is not a good option?


    1. chipinfarm Post author

      Feel free to stay and have a picnic! We have some benches in front of the field the animals are in that you can use. Or feel free to bring a blanket and picnic on the lawn. Enjoy!


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