The Freshest Eggs

Hand-packed farm-fresh eggs.

Handled With Care

The flavorful and nutritious eggs sold in our Farm Store were laid the previous day by our own free-running, cage-free hens. The eggs travel just 50 feet from the henhouse to the store’s refrigerated egg case.


We collect, wash, inspect and grade each egg by hand every morning allowing us to continuously monitor egg quality and the health and well-being of our flock.

Eggs are available in jumbo, extra-large, large, sometimes medium and occasionally pullet sizes.

Free-running, cage-free hens.

Custom Blended Diet

Our hens are fed a naturally balanced diet with added vitamins but no antibiotics, artificial colors or preservatives.


Our feed is a custom Chip-in Farm blend. The main ingredients are corn, soy and oyster shells to optimize digestion and egg production.


This healthy diet helps to ensure that our chickens consistently produce nutritious and high-quality eggs.

Hand-packed farm-fresh eggs ready for wholesale.

Wholesale Ready

You can find our eggs at some of the finest specialty shops and restaurants in the area.


Please call us at 781-275-2545 if you are interested in opening a wholesale account or placing a bulk egg order.


Here are some of the retail outlets that carry our eggs: