Chip-in Farm, 201 Hartwell Road, Bedford, MA

Open Year Round, daily, 10:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

Welcome to Chip-in Farm! We are a family owned and operated farm, committed to providing our customers with quality products and exceptional service. We are known for our really fresh eggs! The eggs sold in our store were laid yesterday by our free-running chickens. It’s hard to find fresher eggs than that!

We also carry many local products, such as our own grass-fed beef, Shaw Farm milk and ice cream, Number 9 Tortilla Strips and Salsas, Bedford Blueberry Goat Farm Goat Milk and Cheese, and many more.

For a fun outing with children, visit our petting zoo. Feed the friendly goats, cow, pig, sheep, bunnies and chickens, with vegetable scraps provided free by the farm. Finish off the fun with a trip to our penny candy counter inside the store.

For questions about the farm and farm store, call 781-275-2545

For information about Classes & Events at Chip-in Farm such as Goat Yoga, birthday parties, and kid’s classes visit www.farmershelpers.com or call Farmer Sandy at 339-222-2555

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  1. Angela Lamb

    What happens to the chickens after they stop laying eggs? And where do you ‘process’ (slaughter) your poultry/meat?

    1. chipinfarm Post author

      After our chickens stop laying eggs, we sell them to Antonelli Poultry in Rhode Island. The chicken we sell in our store is not raised at Chip-in Farm. The chicken is from FreeBird Chicken of Pennsylvania. You can find more information about FreeBird at freebirdchicken.com.

    1. chipinfarm Post author

      We wholesale our eggs and some produce during the growing season. Please call Paul or Neil at 781-275-2545, with more details on what you are interested in sourcing.

    1. chipinfarm Post author

      We take orders for duck eggs we get from the Bedford Blueberry Goat Farm. Please call the store at 781-275-2545 to order. We will then call you when the Goat Farm delivers the eggs to us. The eggs are $1.00/egg, with a 6 egg minimum. Please feel free to call us with any questions.

  2. Holly leavitt

    I was looking for duck eggs as we have a family chicken egg allergy If you sell or know of any, please let me know. Thank you


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