Local produce

Sustainably Raised Produce

We seek out nearby farms employing sustainable farming methods such as integrated pest control, for our Farm Store produce. Suppliers will vary depending on the season and availability. By prioritizing a locally-sourced supply chain whenever possible we offer exceptionally fresh and nutritious produce in a manner that benefits the environment.

How to Store Our Fresh Fruits & Vegetables

How fresh fruits and vegetables are stored impacts their freshness and flavor. Some should be stored only at room temperature to prevent damage and encourage ripening, while others need to be refrigerated to prevent spoiling. Here are recommendations for storing our fresh fruits and vegetables.

Recommendation chart for storing our fresh fruits and vegetables

For best results, produce stored on the countertop should be kept in a vented plastic bowl or perforated bag away from direct sunlight. In the refrigerator, produce should should be stored in perforated bags in the produce drawer, separating fruits and vegetables if possible.


Source: https://postharvest.ucdavis.edu/files/230110.pdf