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Gifts & Personal Care

We offer a lovely selection of locally produced personal care items and gifts in the Farm Store.


There is always something new to discover, such as the original Wristies®, Betsi Mandrioli’s hand-drawn greeting cards, Bedford beekeeper Birgit DeWeerd’s beeswax hand cream, or Hannah’s Originals all-natural soaps.

Organic chicken manure at Chip-in Farm

Chicken Manure

Chicken manure is an effective soil amendment and fertilizer, providing soil with nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.


Semi-composted manure from our own chickens is available for sale in late April – June and October – November.


Our manure is from antibiotic and hormone free chickens and contains minimal shavings. One bag covers about 100 square feet.

Seasonal products at Chip-in Farm.


From potted plants in the spring to mums, cornstalks and pumpkins in the fall and evergreen decorations in the winter we have seasonal selections for holiday celebrations and home décor.


We also accept special holiday orders for items such as fresh pies and turkeys from the finest local farms. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for availability and ordering information.