Introducing Crescent Ridge Dairy Products!

In response to many customer requests, we are pleased to introduce award-winning Crescent Ridge dairy products, including:


  • Quart and gallon size bottles of non-fat, 1% low-fat, 2% reduced-fat, and whole milk,
  • 1% low-fat chocolate milk,
  • A variety of ice cream flavors in 1.5 quart containers.


Previously only available for home delivery in the Bedford area, Crescent Ridge milk products are recognized for their rich and creamy texture; freedom from artificial growth hormones; and sustainable glass packaging.


Excited to try Crescent Ridge products? Refer to our Frequent Asked Questions below to learn more.


Are the bottles returnable?

Yes. There is a $3.00 bottle deposit that will be refunded on its return or to your next Crescent Ridge milk purchase.


Why are the caps different colors?

The cap colors represent the milk’s fat content, as follows:

  • Silver cap – Whole milk
  • Red cap – 2% Reduced fat milk
  • Green cap – 1% low fat milk
  • Gold cap – Non-fat milk
  • Orange cap – Chocolate milk


Will you still carry Shaw Farms products?

We will continue to carry pint-size bottles of Shaw Farms milk, half-and-half and cream. We will also sell Shaw Farms ice cream until the stock is depleted.


Is the ice cream packaging different from Shaw Farms?

Yes, Crescent Ridge ice cream is packaged in 1.5 quart containers while Shaw Farms ice cream is packaged in 1 quart containers.


Why did Chip-in make the decision to change to Crescent Ridge dairy products?

Many of our customers told us that they loved Crescent Ridge milk and ice cream but were unable to commit to home delivery.

We also felt that their sustainable practices, including sourcing raw milk from a farm that also grows the cow’s feed using “no till” practices, with no added hormones or antibiotics, we aligned with Chip-in Farm’s core values.


Give our Crescent Ridge dairy products a try, we think you’ll be impressed with the flavor and texture!


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