Belmont News Journal Highlights Farmer’s Helpers Goat Yoga

Did you know that Chip-in Farm has their own education team? Farmer’s Helpers was established to cultivate connections between people, food and farms. View the Belmont News Journal’s feature on their Goat Yoga progam, run in partnership with Julie Aronis and Little Elephant Goat Yoga, and learn more about the physical and mental health benefits goat yoga offers for people of all ages.


Farmer’s Helpers offers a wide range of educational programs for youth and adults on the farm and at organizations such as libraries, universities, recreation programs and corporations around suburban Boston.


You can find information about goat yoga classes and registration, other farm programs, birthday parties, and tours on the Farmer’s Helpers website. Please contact Farmer’s Helpers via the website or Facebook with questions. Please note, as the Farmer’s Helpers team is typically working on the farm their contact information is different from the Farm Store.

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